LISTEN: WGN Helps Push Boycott the Kardashians

kim kardashian showing off boycott assets i

Fire off those letters today! We are gaining more momentum with the press supporting and understanding what our mission is all about. WGN Radio did a great piece (below) about what Boycott the Kardashians is all about and stressing that it’s not a hate campaign. Remember, when you hate, it means you have a lot more emotions about something than you’d like to admit. Our only emotion is helping to get better things on the air than a family that is being peddled for every penny it can earn doing whatever and anything to cash those registers louder.

Well today is the day, send out the letters too Mattel and Sears. We are not going to know the full impact but we sure think it will get more attention that Facebook posts, send all you want!

Frank over on Boycottkim did a radio interview with WGN in Chicago; it’s really a good interview with great reasons for joining the Boycott.

If you haven’t heard this it’s a must listen for all that Boycott the Kardashians: