Holiday Wishes For A Kardashian Free Future

baby fisting kardaashians

Hello everyone, hope your day is going great!

We are heading into a holiday over the next few days and we wanted to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving. We are going to all have a wonderful meal with family and friends and boycotting the Kardashians will be about the last thing you will be thinking about. Hopefully soon you’ll never have to see them plastered all over your TV again.

We are calling all of you to help push the movement on the 28th of November. Share this page on news sites and blog posts all over the web. It’s been proven that when people know, most like this movement of Boycotting the Kardashians and we need to get to the people that don’t know about us yet. Mainstream media and gossip blogs make a lot of money on the Kardashians and they are going to be the hardest to get to cover this movement.

Keep up the fight and remember we are on Twitter as well.!/BoycotRealityTv

Boycott The Kardashian 1%ers!