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Boycott the Kardashians Mission

As those Kardashians love suing those who speak against them, we have posted our disclaimer proudly at the top and front of our site.

Disclaimer: We here at is in no way are related to ‘The Kardashians’, Thank God! Our intent is not to spread hate, or to be hateful. The overall intent of this site is for us normal people who work & live in the real world to get things back to reality minus ‘The Kardashians’. We still think Mason is cool :-)!

Mission of Boycott the Kardashians:

  • Raising the level of conversation in America.
  • Stop the madness!
  • Boycott the Kardashians!

Spread the movement, we are tired of this fake family being the role models to millions. Dumbing down America has to stop!

Now go on inside, check out what many of our readers have to say about that K clan. ┬áDon’t be shy, write and comment your own thoughts about the family that has shown all the young kids it doesn’t take talent to make it in America anymore, just a good video tape and family to help push it over the top!

8 thoughts on “Boycott the Kardashians Mission”

  1. It’s ludicrous that they are allowed to even be on TV. Let’s boycott the sponsors of their shows.

    Kim K has gotten to be too much with her attacking Taylor Swift. Can’t she see the idiot she is married to for what he is??

  2. boycott these bullies and evil people. E channel MUST NOT promote people who us their show to bully others. THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW.

  3. Cancel their show! Stop buying their products. These people are disgusting! I use to be a fan but not after seeing their true selves. They bully and drag people thought the mud on their show. They lie about everything, they are not good role models. All they care about is themselves and money.

  4. They are a bad influence to teenagers they only care about looks and they think that appearance and money is all that matters.

  5. Now that the only Kardashian I liked has revealed herself as a horrendous bully and is happy to defend her actions knowing she has enough money and power to do what she likes… I cannot approve of this family anymore. They’re talentless and have no class anymore. The fame has gone too far, the internet should not be controlled and our children influenced by people who would do what Khloe did

  6. Its truly sad that a family like the Kardasian’s be rewarded with such financial gain & notority for having no morals. Is this what our society needs & wants? I hope not & it worries me to think people look up to & admire them as celebrities. Have we all become so shallow to think taking selfies, having our hair & make-up done & being self obsessed is normal.

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