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Boycott the Kardashians Mission

As those Kardashians love suing those who speak against them, we have posted our disclaimer proudly at the top and front of our site.

Disclaimer: We here at is in no way are related to ‘The Kardashians’, Thank God! Our intent is not to spread hate, or to be hateful. The overall intent of this site is for us normal people who work & live in the real world to get things back to reality minus ‘The Kardashians’. We still think Mason is cool :-)!

Mission of Boycott the Kardashians:

  • Raising the level of conversation in America.
  • Stop the madness!
  • Boycott the Kardashians!

Spread the movement, we are tired of this fake family being the role models to millions. Dumbing down America has to stop!

Now go on inside, check out what many of our readers have to say about that K clan. ┬áDon’t be shy, write and comment your own thoughts about the family that has shown all the young kids it doesn’t take talent to make it in America anymore, just a good video tape and family to help push it over the top!

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